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Since its founding in 2017, EquityPTS has annually represented over ten (10) billion dollars worth of real and personal property throughout the State of Florida.  Through dedication and expertise EquityPTS secures several million of dollars of property tax savings annually for its clients.   Clients included REITs, pension funds and other institutional owners, national and international developers, private real estate owners, and high-end condominium associations. 

Adam C. Cappel, Founder

Kevin C. Hartobey, Esq., Managing Consultant

Sample significant representation assignments and Value Adjustment Board reductions


  • Major oceanfront property resulting in a single year Value Adjustment Board reduction of over $100 million in market value

  • Vacant industrial land portfolio in Miami Dade County obtaining a $14 million reduction in a single year

  • Florida portfolio of the largest neighborhood shopping center owner in North America.

  • Florida portfolio of world's largest logistics company.

  • 50% reduction in assessment for Tangible Personal Property for hospitality property.

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